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    access to _root from remote loaded swf

    FactoREAL Level 1

      Hi. please help me. I have a AS2 program called Main.swf. It loads another(not mine) program (call it Base.swf). Both of these files are located locally on my computer. I load into my program Mine.swf an external file load.swf.

      this.createEmptyMovieClip('module', 0);

      From the loaded.swf file, I try to access _root which should be equal to Base.swf. But I can not do it. Although from the file Main.swf I can access _root.

      _root.someFunctionFromBase(); //it work
      module._root.someFunctionFromBase(); //even so works


      _root.someFunctionFromBase(); //undefined

      How can I access variables and functions in _root from the loaded file?