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    Blank Composition Lightbox won't close after button's inside are clicked

    noelb8402969 Level 2

      I have a page that has several different H2 subheadings, and I wanted people to be able to click "Sections" and have a lightbox open up that has buttons linked by "anchors" to the different subheadings. I used a "Blank Composition Widget" and set its position to lightbox. I cleared all the contents and styling. I created the buttons for the subheadings and placed them in the "Trigger" within the "Container." When I click the main widget "Trigger," the lightbox opens up. But when I click the buttons it doesn't automatically close  even though I can see the scrollbar moving up and which means it's going to the appropriate subheading that it is linked to by the anchor. But, why isn't it closing automatically after clicking the button? Does anyone know how to get it to close automatically after clicking the button. I've tried several things and have been unable to get it to so far.