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    I think I found another bug re: printing a placed PDF file


      I placed a PDF file that somebody sent me. The PDF was generated from Word. Not sure if it matters, but when I place it I get an error saying The following fonts aren't currently available: TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT


      Yeah, fine. I hit the OK button.


      Place the file and go to print it. When I go to print it I get another error. "Missing Fonts" and it proceeds to tell me the following fonts aren't currently available and lists 3 fonts. TimesNewRomanPS-Bolditalic, TimesNewRomanPSMT and TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT


      Yeah, fine. I hit ok. This has never stopped me before.


      The PDF will print to our Canon 7095 b/w copier. But when I change the printer to our Canon 7200 color machine, the file stalls and will not print. I just get the spinning beach ball forever and a partially completed print progress window. I have to force quite InDesign. The only way I can get this to print without killing InDesign is to export as a PDF and print it to that machine from Acrobat.


      I was able to send it through once to the 7200 without InDesign locking up, but I was just trying to send it without messing with any of the print settings. Once I went in and told ID to send it in Composite Grey and set the Send Data to All and tried to print again, it locked up.