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    Flashlite and ODBC

      Hi everyone,
      I have come acorss many databases for mobiles. But all these allow connectivity through ODBC or JDBC.

      I want to develop a flashlite standalone application for S60 devices with database connectivity. How could I achieve this? Does flashlite allow database connectivity at all?

      I got many suggestions to store the content locally in either text or xml files using plugins like Kunerilite etc. I was successful in doing so. But the problem comes when saving bulk data.

      Any help in this regard would be very helpful.
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          mucatron Community Member
          Hi Kiran,

          Flash is not designed to persistently store bulk data, this is true of the desktop and mobile runtimes. Largely this is to do with security concerns where the runtime must live in a sandbox to protect the user.

          To reach outside the sandbox the Flash runtime usually requests permission and in some cases will store Shared Objects. Shared Objects were not consistently enabled on mobile devices because the majority don't even have file systems.

          In the future with Adobe AIR it will be possible to do this but at this time you should consider whether Flash is the most appropriate tool for the job.
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            Kiran_Prabhu Community Member
            Thanks for that reply sir.

            Forgive me if I am asking something out of scope or so.

            Is it possible to create an .exe(using C++ file I/O) so that I can call it from Flash lite using fscommand?

            If not Flashlite which tool do you suggest that will be suitable for my application?
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              SEOTOP Community Member
              Yes I need to know this too
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                CHAOS'|nc. Community Member
                It is possible.... However like Muca stated, its kinda over the top for flash lite at the moment. Doesn't mean you cant do it, but it will probably wear out with a medium size db. Anyway, I think you should go for straight symbian or java related application for db stuff.
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                  First,Thanks mucatron for helping...

                  fortunely,I am just developing a appliction using database.I design flash client in mobile and comunicate with asp.net server by xml.At server,it provides several services,which read and write database.At Client only call the service and the params.