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    "Views" count has vanished


      For some reason, my "views" count has disappeared for all of my photos. I still show "sales" but there is no longer a count for "views". Does anyone know why?

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          I have the same problem...

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            DavidM7d Level 1

            Ditto.  Happened a couple of days ago.  Whatever ordering option I choose, it just shows 'sales'.  I think the images may be ordered by views, but the actual count isn't shown.

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              Kirsten Harris Adobe Employee

              We removed the View statistics from the Adobe Stock contributor portal, because the feature wasn’t yet providing aggregate views across the Fotolia and Adobe Stock websites and caused confusion.


              Over the last few months our foremost priority for the Adobe Stock Contributor website has been to make the submission process as fast and easy as possible. We now provide an automatic category suggestion, more auto-keywords and the ability to upload a CSV file of metadata for easier keywording of multiple files or videos.

              We are now working on improving the available statistics on the contributor portal but can’t share a release date at this time.

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                bokkosz Level 1

                Thank you for sharing this insights, Kirsten. Now, a year after your post: do you have any news on this topic? For me the problem boils down to two different possibilities:

                a) my sales are bad because my photos are not good enough (high view count but low sales)

                b) my sales are bad because my keywords are not well chosen (low view count and as a result low sales)


                Without the view count I don't have a chance to analyse this any further. It would be helpful to hear your internal priority / roadmap for providing a view count again.


                Thanks in advance!

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                  camilosaraiva Level 1

                  I'm new to the universe of stock images and I also miss visualization analyzes, it would help a lot to plan strategies like you said.