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    Import LR 6 - Sierra 10.12.3


      I work (at least try to) with LR 6 on Sierra 10.12.3 (new macbook pro). Importing from my camera on my external hard disk via LR corrupts my catalogue.... any idea how to solve this (according to Apple support this is an Adobe problem...we tested  transferring a .mov file to the hard disk and this worked). Happy to receive help on this one ! thanks in advance



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          You'll need to better explain what you are doing.

          Are you working with Still images or movies or both?

          It is always best to use a Card Reader to transfer and import images into LR and at the same time transfer them to a hard drive connected to your system.


          If the catalog is being corrupted that sound like a hardware problem.

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            myriamr75631144 Level 1

            Sorry for not being clear. I connect my canon 5d to one port (a little apple hub to enable connecting USB), my external disk to another; open my catalogue and import the still images to a folder on my external disk and into my LR catalogue.

            This works and has worked very well on my other macbook pro (yosemite 10.10.5), but has created this corruption problem on my new mac. I called Apple, they did some tests outside Lightroom, which all went well. Their reaction was that this was a Lightroom problem).... hope this is clearer (I usually do this in french, sorry)