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    How to paste transparent image to Photoshop?

    alexandern88307846 Level 1

      What clipboard formats for transparent images does photoshop support ? How to paste transparent image to Photoshop via CLIPBOARD with preserving alpha channel? I want to paste transparent image from clipboard to photoshop, but it seems like photoshop cannot work with alpha channel correctly from other products.

      For example pasted transparent image from office 2007 and gimp does not have corrected alpha channel.


      It is list of exported clipboard formats of photoshop:




      Photoshop Paste in Place

      Chromium Web Custom MIME Data Format




      Photoshop DIB Layer

      Photoshop DIB Layer X

      Photoshop Clip Source

      Adobe Photoshop Image

      Embed Source



      Object Descriptor

      Ole Private Data




      It is list of exported clipboard formats of GIMP:







      It seems like Photoshop does not support png clipboard format

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I do not think think that the clipboard is a file.  The clipboard seems to support two types of data. Text and Image pixel data where image pixel may contain transparency.  How it is done would depend on the application involved.  The Application doing the copy and the Application doing the paste.  You can also copy layers from document to document and also file>place to place in files as smart object layers and have Photoshop render the pixels for the smart object layer by processind the layers object file. You may not have to use copy and paste. Use Photoshop and files for all.