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    Errors in Beta 6 when AI file updated

    ericc19576445 Level 1

      Beta 6 has been giving me alot of issues when it comes to updating AI files. When I tweak my AI files and save them, then reopen CH, the whole CH project becomes corrupt. This is not something that happened in my beta 5 workflow. I am not doing anything different than before.

      If I reopen the CH project multiple times it will try to fix itself by duplicating and renaming my "puppetV2" to "puppetV3" and adding an additional puppet as well as removing all data (handles, etc) that was previous added to CH causing me to have to redo everything. Also, sometimes I have to wait a good 15 mins to preview in record mode. This turns my workflow to a snail pace. The errors read something along the lines of "error in row 1".