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    Cannot save modified documents to network volume shared via Samba

    andytothemax Level 1

      This problem started after I set up a new Samba server where I keep all of my documents.  I'm using Mac OS X 10.11.5 with the latest update of InDesign Creative Cloud (current as of 6/26/2016).  Edit: the server is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 with the built-in Samba package.


      When I access my InDesign files on the network volume, I can open and edit them, but when I try to save I get the "save as" box instead of just saving the document normally.  So I have to save a new copy of the document each time I make a change.  If I copy the files to my local computer I can save normally.  See video here: http://www.raellic.com/files/foo.mov


      I did not experience this issue with my previous network attached storage, which was a WD MyCloud EX2 that supported both Samba and AFP.  I don't know whether this is an Adobe issue or a Samba issue.  My best guess is that it's an Adobe issue, but it makes absolutely no sense that they would not support saving to network drives.  Does anyone know a solution?  Thanks.