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    How to put an XD app in AppStore

    Jorge Landa


      Once I've developed an app in XD, how can I put it on AppStore and Google Play?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I am not an Xd Xpert, but my understanding is that you would never do that. Xd is for saving you months of programming time while you work out how the app should function. Once there is sign off on how the Xd prototype works, developers would make a real app do the same thing.


          Here's an article on how to export your assets so that developers can make the real thing:


          Learn how to export production-ready assets from Adobe Experience Design as PNG, SVG, and PDF files.

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            This, right here, is the #2 reason why I don't subscribe to Creative Cloud.  Adobe makes designing and creating content for a mobile app really simple and intuitive, then tell us we have to spend a few years studying Xcode, Swift and other programming skills to turn our already-working app design into a real app.  What a waste of potential.

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              vincents94959602 Level 1

              Adobe offers design solutions. If it was as easy as designing an app or a website and it turning into the real deal with all the requirements magically met, developers would be unnecessary, when in reality they're in high demand. What you're expecting Adobe to do in order not to "waste potential" is quite simply not possible with current technology.

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                palenoue Level 1

                That's like saying because anyone can use Photoshop and Illustrator real photographers and designers would be unnecessary.  App developers and programmers will always be in demand because they can do a better job of making and app than an automated system, but that's no reason to ignore the automated system.  Because developers are in such demand it's virtually impossible for small designers to hire one.  You may work for a large design firm that has dozens of developers and programmers who will cater to your every design whim, but in the real world most Adobe users have probably never met a programmer, much less be able to afford one for creating a single app.


                As for not being possible with current technology, that's not true.  There are several ways Adobe could turn XD projects into actual mobile apps which is why the current situation is so frustrating.  It's like they are purposely ignoring this feature regardless of the potential, much like they go out of their way to reject sound in web pages.