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    Automating text changes with InDesign and InCopy

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      I just finished a challenging project and in retrospect, I’m wondering if I could have set it up to accommodate the issues, had I known in advance. The project involved creating 70 separate 2-page kit inserts, each featuring a set of products. I set up the the inserts in 70 separate InDesign files based on templates and exported to InCopy so that the writer had access. The problem came as the copy for each product started changing during and after we set up the files for each insert. The text was constantly being re-written. Going back through the inserts to hunt and find the changing product descriptions was difficult.


      I am wondering if there is a way to set up  the workflow for such a project so that these types of changes can be automated among separate files. For instance, can the product descriptions exist as a file connected to the 70 insert files; then when the description changes, I just make the change in the product description file and it changes in the 70 inserts automatically? The descriptions would need to flow together all in the same text box, not in separate text boxes. Each insert has a unique mixture of the products but never the same set of products. For this reason, I don’t think importing a word file would work. Thanks for any suggestions.