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    FlashInstall.log Clean Install


      Looking at instructions for clean FlashPlayer install (Windows 7 64-bit), I am slightly confused. The process of removing NPAPPI (to allow users to upgrade to Firefox 53 from version 52.1.0) means I also have to remove Flash ActiveX via the uninstaller tool.


      How do I do a clean install of Flash Player - Windows?

      Uninstall Flash Player for Windows


      While the KB article and chris.campbell 's video state to delete all files including the .log files. chris.campbell 's post (below the video) states not to delete the FlashInstall.log file when doing a clean install.


      So do I delete the FlashInstall.log or not? What is the danger of deleting the .log file?

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          Divya_Gupta Adobe Employee



          FlashInstall.log is a log file that tracks and reports the status of the Flash Player installation process. There is no harm in deleting the file as a new file will be created on fresh installation of flash player.



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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            While the FlashInstall.log file is created if it doesn't exist, it's preferred to not delete the file as it contains historical data which is useful when troubleshooting certain installation issues.  If the file is deleted this data is lost, thus making troubleshooting certain installation issues more difficult.  The FAQ was updated to include the note not to delete the FlashInstall.log file after the video was produced.

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              CTaylor887 Level 1

              Okidoke, thank you. I was wondering as I had followed the KB and video for one computer at the time of posting, and had already installed the latest version of Flash ActiveX (everything successful as far as I can tell).


              So in the future, I shall leave the .log file in place.