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    mise à jour carte satellite


      Bonjour, j'ai bien cherché mais je n'ai pas trouvé... J'utilise Lightroom CC et, pour la géolocalisation, la carte satellite Google date d'environ 10 ans, voire plus... Y aurait-t-il un moyen d'avoir une carte satellite à jour ou tout au moins récente? Pour exemple, je me suis retrouvé localisé dans un bâtiment qui a été détruit il y à environ 8 ans...


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          As far as I know the Map module uses a real time map from Google. Meaning it is updated from Google Maps every time the Map module is accessed.

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            chdud38 Level 1

            La carte présente dans Lightroom CC est bien "marquée" Imagerie 2017 DigitalGlobe et Google mais elle date de plus de 10 ans! Il suffit de comparer la carte Lightroom et celle de Google notamment sur la commune de Saint Martin d'Hères pour se rendre compte qu'il y a au moins 10 ans entre les deux. Et le problème n'est pas résolu...

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              Map present in Lightroom CC is well "marked" imagery 2017 DigitalGlobe and Google, but it is more than 10 years! Just compare the Lightroom map and Google including on the town of Saint Martin of Heres to get account there are at least 10 years between the two. And the problem is not solved...

              I see what you mean.  Looking at coordinates 45.178024, 5.760966 in google.com/maps in LR Map shows the satellite views are much different, with LR showing a building under construction and Google showing it completed. (Amazingly, this was the first place I looked.)


              This isn't surprising -- google.com/maps and the Google Maps API used by applications like LR are two different products, completely controlled by Google.  While Adobe could complain to Google, it may not have much effect.  Google does what it wants to do without paying much attention to its individual customers, and I'm sure whatever Adobe is paying Google is a tiny, tiny drop in the bucket of Google's total revenue.


              That being said, you could post a bug report in the official Adobe feedback forum, where Adobe wants such feedback posted: Photoshop Lightroom | Photoshop Family Customer Community .  Be sure to include coordinates and screenshots from google.com/maps and from LR Map.