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    Importing loses chronological order of Images


      Hi, this is my first posting of a question. I'm using a windows 7 os desktop computer with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015.10 release. I have just started with Lightroom by importing 3,500 images that were in a folder tree 3 levels deep that has one main folder, then 2 first level sub folders, then 3 subfolders in each of those 2, then 2 more subfolders in each of those 3. There are only images in the most bottom level folders (12 folders). The number of images in these 12 subfolders range between 30 and 960. After importing, the images are no longer in any chronological order. Why did it lose the chronological order of the images? This is extremely necessary to be maintained for many reasons; especially for uploading to my website. What steps if any did I miss upon import or what can I do now to correct the order?


      Thank you to anyone who may be able to answer these questions?