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    ISO not showing in EXIF data on exported Nikon jpegs using Mac.

    snerkler Level 1



      For a while now, I think since upgrading to Mac OS X El Capitan and/or Adobe CC the ISO is missing from the EXIF when viewing exported images from lightroom using Mac preview to open the files. All the other data is there, just not ISO. I've searched on apple forums and see that many are having this issue, but have not as yet found a solution. If I open the RAW file using preview the ISO data is there, but once I've edited it in LR and exported it it's missing. If I upload to Flickr the ISO rating still shows.


      It only affects Nikon cameras AFAIK, I have Fuji, Canon, Sony and Olympus files and they all show the ISO after exporting from LR. I've spoken to a couple of other people using different software such as DXO and Capture One and that doesn't have the same issue, i.e. you can see the ISO in the exported Nikon files so it suggests to me it's a weird lightroom/mac glitch. Does anyone know of a fix for this?