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    Media files deleted after 2017.1 upgrade

    leebergtally Level 1

      This may be a coincidence, but it's a mighty big one at that.  I upgraded this afternoon and opened my most recent project.  I went through the new features and then looked into the Preferences to see if there was anything new.  Arriving at the Media Cache tab I decided click on "clean unused"  Media Cache Database.  That's something I've done in previous versions.  Then I closed the open project and opened another I had finished last week.  Surprise, all media files were missing.  I checked the original file's directory.  All of the root and subfolders were intact.  However, when I looked in the clip folder all of the .MXF files were gone, leaving just the .xmp and .XML.  Every folder, in every project that was shot in AVCHD or XAVC (except for the one that was initially open) was missing the media files.  Not only that, but I found FCP 7 Capture scratch folders emptied except for the autosave vault.   There were other media files missing as well including mp4 exports, and some but not all .mov exports from every project.  Also missing are from a foder are .img files containing DVD images.  Unexplainably, some ProRes files recorded on Atomos were untouched, as well as other's that were transcodes from XAVC to ProRes. 


      I contacted Adobe Support via chat.  The agent told me that it was not possible for the "clean unused" function to cause all the deletions.  You can specify the media cache directory to be cleaned and in my case it was definitely not the root of the drive, nor any of the media folders.   He said that nobody has reported this issue so far.


      All of my media is on a two drive RAID and that was the only drive effected. The good news is that all of my media is backed up, sometimes twice for the most important clients.  Of course restoring all that media will take hours.  Before I do that I'm running a file restoration program (that also takes hours).


      Finally, the "clean unused" command may have nothing to do with it, but the fact that no media was deleted from the open project is suspicious. 

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