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      • 40. Re: cannot connect to kuler
        I just wanted to let you know that I have tried the following fix with no positive results:
        1. Go to User > Library > Preferences, delete com.adobe.kuler.Desktop.[variable] folder
        2. Go to User > Library > Application Support > Adobe > AIR > ELS, delete com.adobe.kuler.Desktop.[variable] folder.
        3. Restart system and launch kuler desktop again.
        The system that I am running is Mac OSX Leopard, 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 4 GB ram....
        Any suggestions?
        Thanks in advance
        • 41. Re: cannot connect to kuler
          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Deezgrafix:
          What error do you get when you run desktop? What happens? Has it ever worked for you? With some more details, I can ask QE to investigate.
          • 42. cannot connect to kuler
            Something wierd is going on this morning with 'My Kuler'. After I login I want to see my themes, and Kuler says 'You have not created any themes yet', the same thing happens when I want to view my favourites... :s Anyone else had this problem before?

            I've tried the search button on my own name and it found all of my themes, so I know they are still out there...
            • 43. Re: cannot connect to kuler
              Mr. Met Community Member
              I can't get on in Firefox but Safari seems to be working. My first time here and on Kuler.
              • 44. Re: cannot connect to kuler
                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                @ Tomme: Try closing and reopening Kuler and log in again. If it's still happening, send me a private message with your kuler name and I"ll double check your account (good to know you can still see your themes if you search).

                @grmg: What version of Firefox was not working? And specifically what happened (got blank screen, error msg, etc.)?
                • 45. Re: cannot connect to kuler
                  I'm having similar problems on Photoshop CS4.. The menu tab for kuler tells me I have no internet connection, but I can access the kuler site just fine through Firefox.

                  I found a link to my exact issue, but there's no thread there anymore:
                  • 46. Re: cannot connect to kuler
                    108degrees Community Member
                    I'm an online kuler user who just tried to download and use the desktop version, but I'm getting the 'can't connect' and 'klash' message that some people seemed to have back a while ago. Is there a fix for this? New user, so I may be missing something (like a patch?). I've downloaded and installed AIR, from what I can tell it's fine.

                    System info is Mac 10.5.5, running CS3

                    Appreciate any help you can give!
                    • 47. Re: cannot connect to kuler
                      108degrees Community Member
                      Nevermind, it just seemed to fix itself. Odd, but that's OK, I'm happy to have it.
                      • 48. Re: cannot connect to kuler
                        Photoshop Team Adobe Employee
                        We've experienced some latent issues with the website after we made some recent updates, and we really apologize. We're working around the clock to get the site running smoothly again for you. Thanks for your patience, and for continuing to support Kuler.

                        Please refer to the "Updates to Kuler Website" message in this forum for more information.

                        Best regards,
                        The Kuler Team
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