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    Lightroom Web - Feature Questions




      I am on the 30-day trial of Lightroom web and I am having trouble determining if there are two important features that exist:


      1) Mass download of all photos in a Web Collection to my computer

      2) The ability to download edited photos to my computer without downsizing


      If these do not exist, what Adobe products should I look to as an alternative?



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Maybe explain your requirements at greater length? They're a bit ambiguous. As written, I'm just left wondering why you want to do that? So explain a bit more please.

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            jcw122 Level 1

            Hi, hope this helps:


            1) I'd like to be able to edit a set of photos (let's say 30 photos) in Lightroom Web, and once I'm done editing them, I'd like to download them back to my computer, and post them up to Facebook. I couldn't find any buttons to select all 30 photos and download them all at once to my computer. From what I saw, I didn't have the capability to directly post photos to non-Adobe sites. I only saw the capability to link Adobe Galleries on Facebook, which isn't what I want to do.


            2) Related to #1...I tried to individually download each edited photo from Lightroom Web, which I was able to do, but I could not download the edited photos at the original image size, only at a downsized image size.



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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              So where did these 30 photos get into Lightroom Web (ie lightroom.adobe.com) ? You have no need to download them yourself, as normally they would download the originals automatically into Lightroom Desktop, including their adjustments.


              In your 30 day trial, you should have the iOS/Android app, Lightroom on the Web, and Lightroom itself, which is the main application for Mac or PC. For clarity, it's now known as Lightroom Desktop and it sounds as if you haven't got it. Install it, and things should start to make more sense.

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                jcw122 Level 1

                Hi John,


                As far your question, I used Lightroom Web (the website you referenced) I just dragged and drops the photos from my PC into Lightroom Web, and that's how they got there.

                You are correct, I have not yet installed Lightroom Desktop, just hadn't gotten around to it. That sounds like the step I am missing here. I'll give that a shot and come back in case I have any more issues. Thanks for the help John.

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                  selondon Adobe Community Professional

                  As a side note, when you do install Lightroom Desktop and if you turn on syncing with Lightroom Mobile the photos you uploaded through Lightroom Web will sync back to a 'From Lr Mobile' Folder in Lightroom Desktop.