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    PDF files not immediately opening in IE upon restart

    nemoartyom Level 1



      I have been setting up some computers for a library setting and I noticed a strange issue that's been occurring. Whenever the computers are restarted the next time a .pdf file is tried to be opened through Internet Explorer it fails on the first attempt. I have attached a picture of the error message that I see (apologies for the quality).


      Once I refresh the browser it will load fine, but upon any restart it fails that first time again. I tested using a different browser, Firefox, and this issue does not occur with that. The computers are running on Windows 8, using Internet Explorer 11, and I have encountered the same problem and message with DC and XI readers. By using Firefox or simply refreshing the page we can still work around the issue, but considering several of our users prefer using Internet Explorer and that the computers are set up to restart fairly regularly between uses, I was wondering if anyone might have some advice on how to resolve this or any similar experiences?