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    Animated Scrolling Dialog

    jessica eve

      Hi! I'm trying animate the text from a conversation, to go along with the audio as it plays. I've done a bit of it already. To describe the animation:

      It is reminiscent of a text conversation in that text on either side represents the two people talking. The sentences appear at the bottom as they are spoken (animated in with the typewriter preset) and continue to scroll up the screen after they appear.

      I am able to do this, but what with lining it up with the audio, and individually doing all the effects and timings for each sentence, it's very tedious. Is there a better way to do do this than to animate each sentence individually in aftereffects? I wasn't able to find another program that would do this for me. Or maybe somebody would be willing to do it for me? I'm not familiar with the program and this is the only project I plan to use it for so it's just hard for me to get this done! Thanks for reading sorry if this is just a matter of my ineptitude...

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You could find a subtitling program and then generate a graphics sequence from there, but those programs are not easy to handle and clunky and of course have their own limitations. Otherwise you will just have to grind through this in AE. There's really no elegant solution to this even when exploiting things like markers, expressions etc..You're always going to need some way of determining the timing and whether you create a ton of keyframes or spend time generating external cue lists and importing them in some form ito AE with obscure procedures is ultimately a moot point - you don't save much time either way.