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    Sync issue I think....



      For the last 6 months or so, every time I open Lightroom there are folders missing.  When I check my external drive in the file tree all the folder and images are indeed there, somehow Lightroom is not staying in sync, or perhaps is opening an older version.  To resolve the issue each time I have to sync folders again and again.  It takes hours.  I would love to sort this out, because right now I dread the idea of opening Lightroom.


      I am running the mac OS X Sierra


      Please any suggestions?


      - Scott

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          dj_paige Level 10

          How are you opening Lightroom? What is the exact steps? Are you double-clicking on the same icon each time, or are you opening Lightroom by inserting a camera card into a card reader? Or what?


          When you talk about "sync folders", what does that really mean? Do the folders have ? icons on them and you have to reconnect them in Lightroom? That shouldn't take hours. Or do you do something else?

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            scottw65440481 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply..

            I usually put the card in a reader, then double click the icon. When the folders are missing...they are literally missing (Unseen). In the past i have had the ? appear, but this isn't that. I wish I could attached some screen shots here.


            Yes it is the same icon in my dock that I click.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              So you are double clicking on the exact same icon each time? Sorry, it's not clear from what you wrote, I want a YES or NO.


              What do you mean by "sync folders"?


              You can attach screen captures by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon.

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                scottw65440481 Level 1

                Yes I am clicking the same icon overtime.

                I've attached 4 images to help.  I am clicking the icon in #1 overtime.  In #2 I have nothing showing for 2017, however in #4 it shows files for 2017.  To fix the discrepancy I sync the main folder using the command shown in #3.1.jpg2.jpg4.jpg3.jpg

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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  Ok, try this and tell me what happens.


                  Open Lightroom. Then make a note of the name of the catalog that has been opened, it is at the exact top of the Lightroom window, it ends with .LRCAT (might be lower case). Go through the fixing of the absent folders by synchronizing the folders.


                  Close Lightroom. Open it again, tell me what the catalog name is the 2nd time, and if the folders are not present.