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    Interactive video on my website

    s_amoraal87 Level 1



      I'm pretty new with Captivate, i do work a lot with Premiere Pro and After Affects.

      I'm surprised that i couldn't find a settisfying answer so far.


      What are the possibilities for a (Captivate) interactive video on my website?

      The ones i found:

      - Upload the whole project with a plugin from Wordpress (Insert or Embed Adobe Captivate Content into WordPress — WordPress Plugins )

      - Another possibility is to refer to the video's inside the Cp project (for example from YouTube) and then upload the project files with the Wordpress plugin.

      - Upload the project in .mp4 format, but doesn't that take away the interactive part? (Publish projects as MP4 files with Adobe Captivate )


      The down side of uploading my whole project (incl. video's) there is a lot of data traffic, wich i have to pay for. If somebody wants to do me harm, the just have to play de project over and over..


      Are there any other possibilities? And what do you think is the best option?



      Tanks in advance!

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          StevePixel Level 3

          Hi S_A, 

          First thing you need to wrap your head around is that they are not necessarily videos, unless you specifically make them videos. I also use AE and PP so its easy to miss that if you are coming from that background. 

          Published Captivate projects operate much more like HTML5/swf websites if you are incorporating the interactive elements. They create all the JavaScript code automatically. There is an option for publishing your Captivate project as a video, but then you have a video with no interactivity.

          Those are your two options, video with no interactivity, reporting, ect. or a full HTML5/SWF project with interactivity. Both options you have mentioned utilize one or the other of these variations.  


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            s_amoraal87 Level 1

            Thank you Steve!

            an answer that i can build on.

            Can you tell me if the endresult is more stable when i embed the video content dirctly into the project (from my hdd) vs embedding YouTube video's?


            thanks again!

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              StevePixel Level 3

              That would depend on the platform you want to ultimately place your project on, and for both its really about bandwidth. If you are creating a Captivate project, embedding the videos in the project and placing it on your Wordpress website, how big/fast  is your bandwitdth,(shared hosting, dedicated server etc), how big are the videos etc if you are using progressive download because they won't play until fully loaded.


              If you are using say, Vimeo and just linking them with an iFrame in the project it depends again on bandwidth.. the best way is just to test both ways to see what works best for you.




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                s_amoraal87 Level 1

                An additional question:

                What type of captivate project do I need? A responsive project might not be needed because the template for my website wil be responsive? where can i find the different functionalities within the project types?


                Hope someone can help.