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    Captivate 2017 - Timing-based animation doesn't play all the way through when published

    keelym35886708 Level 1

      Hi, I'm creating an e-learning course (a responsive project) in Captivate 2017 and I have a slide where an image flies in from the top left. I used the animation preset "Fly in From Top Left" to achieve this and when I play the slide within Captivate Software it plays fine, the animation is spread across the entire duration of the slide. However, when I preview or publish the project, the animation gets about half-way through and then stops, leaving my graphic about half-way off the slide.


      Is there something I am missing?

      Here is an image of my timeline. The graphic with the animation is "Image_2" and the animation is underneath it. It spans across the entire timeline so I am confused as to why it doesn't play entirely upon being previewed or published.

      cap2017 animation question.PNG