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    Premiere 15  4k (UHD) export excessive compression

    Nikonvert Level 1

      Hi new user here - searched but struggled to find the answer :-(

      Just completed my first 4k project and want to export it at highest quality for 4k TV use. Selected Export & Share>Devices>TV>4k UltraHD. Only available format is MP4- XAVC-S ( no problem). Selected Quality "high". The indicated file size for this short 8 min clip is 12.59GB.

      So far so good. BUT, when file is exported to my SSD hard drive the resultant MP4 clip is only 284MB, and while the resolution is correct at 3840x2160, the display quality is very very compressed.


      Any ideas how to address this?

      BTW it happens regardless of whether file is exported to laptop internal SSD or external hard drive...

      I'm using top spec latest generation Dell XPS15 with i7, 32GB, 1TB SSD.


      Thanks for your help :-)