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    Professional 10bit color grading workflow in Rec709

    Alexander Eberhard Level 1



      I am running an EVGA GTX 1060 FTW+ active with an EIZO CS2730. I need to set up two things:


      1. Have a 10 bit workflow

      2. Set up a correct rec709 color space to work in


      Is anyone experienced in that workflow? I am using my system for video editing and color grading within premiere pro CC 2017. I am running windows 10 pro with the latest nvidia driver.


      Does my graphic card support 10 bit? Only the displayport?


      Also what are the correct rec709 values? EIZO ColorNavigator software does not realy have a rec709 preset installed so I found this:

      Rec. 709 Reference Display

      Is that the correct one?


      I run through the calibration process with ColorNavigator and SPYDER 5 PRO. Looks fine so far. But did I use the correct profile or shall l calibrate manually? But where do i get the correct color profile settings? There are some discussion about the correct gamma or 2.2 or 2.6 and other values which is a bit confusing.


      Really appreciate some advise. Thanks, Alex