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    Walk cycle doesn't work with a dangle or head turn?


      I'm working on walk cycles for my puppet (a left and a right cycle) and discovered that one cycle worked while the other did not. After doing a little evaluation I discovered that if I added a "dangle"... the puppet simply did not walk. Also, if I labeled my profile head as a profile (which was the only way I could get my eye to work), the puppet would only hop (not walk). Are there any work arounds for these issues?


      Thanks much!

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          I've found walk can be finicky if things aren't organized exactly right. The most common issues I've seen are a) if one view doesn't have all the body tags, especially neck/hip/waist, and b) when right/left parts are in an unexpected order or position, and c) conflicting tags, like "left profile" being commandeered by a head turn instead of walk.


          My advice is always to start as simple as possible. Remove head turns, extraneous tags, dangle, etc - and just focus and getting the walk looking good - then add those other things and see if/when it breaks.


          We'll have some more walk tips & examples in the June tips & tricks video.