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    LR Desktop not recognizing pictures exist in Catalog, still downloading from LRM


      Tried to search but couldn't find anything specifically to what I am referring to.


      I was traveling and when on my travels, I did not bring an actual PC with me. I uploaded my pictures straight to LRM via an Android tablet, and then the RAW images to OneDrive to download later.


      Got to my laptop, and then downloaded all the images from OneDrive and added them to my LR catalog on my laptop. The issue I'm having is LR Desktop is downloading all the pictures I uploaded to LRM, so essentially downloading a second copy. For example, in the Vietnam collection, I have two DSC00001 items, each leading to a different file path on my computer and each taking up a separate 24MB of space.


      I have turned off Syncing for this collection, yet it continues to download in the background. I have also signed out of CC and signed back in, same issue.


      Any ideas would be appreciated!