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    Cannot edit custom code, getting various errors


      My developers are having troubles trying to edit code on Target experiences. We have editor permissions on the account and have been able to do so in the past, but now we are running into a few issues.

      First, in the visual editor we notice we are getting the following error:

      Sorry, we are experiencing an internal server error.
      Try reviewing VEC best practices

      We don't make changes through the visual editor, so that's fine but not sure if it's related to the issue.

      Secondly, if we press next, we get the following error:

      ERROR   These changes cannot be saved. The selected website does not contain Target libraries.

      I can verify there is a Target mbox on the URL being targeted and that there are no other tests running on this particular page (however there are tests running on other pages of this site using the same mbox; we have not had issues with this in the past).

      Please advise.