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    After Efects Error: overflow converting ratio denominators.(17 :;18)

    JustinDashing Level 1

      Hello, I am experiencing a serious problem with after effects.


      It started when I right clicked a clip in my premiere pro timeline and chose "replace with after effects composition."  Upon moving the clip into my already open after effects project, the wrong still frame opened up in the comp viewer, followed by this error: After Effects Error: overflow converting ratio denominators.(17 :;18).  Clicking OK does nothing, and even after closing after effects and restarting the computer, upon opening my project, I simply get this error which will not go away, and as long as it is open, I can do nothing else with after effects.  I cannot just create a new project as several other comps are contained within this specific project, and because of this error I now have no access to them.  What can I do to correct this?