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    Objects do not appear to deselect

    Seattle User Level 2

      We are having an odd behavior in Illustrator CS4 in our office.  Multiple users try to deselect objects by clicking in blank space, but the last object still appears as if it is selected onscreen. When they select another object (without holding SHIFT), it looks as if the old object AND the new object are selected...but when they delete or otherwise manipulate the newly selected object, it only affects that particular object and does not alter the old object that appeared to also be selected. Although the actual functionality is correct, it is extremely distracting and annoying because it looks like they have more objects selected than they actually do...and they can never really tell what's what!


      For one user, this happens frequently when selecting objects with clipping masks. For another, it happens when simply using the selection tool on any old object. All users on Mac Leopard 10.5.5. Aside from resetting preferences which I've had one of the users do (he's going to notify me if the behavior continues), any other ideas?