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      I am trying to display the chart along with the amount. I have a nice bar graph but i also want it to display the number like 129 on the bar where it is graphed. I have been searching but have not found out how to do this. I don't care for the TipStyle of mouseOver. I am printing these off and need them to show the amounts numerically.

      Thanks in advance for any help
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          You can create a chart style by using webchart3d.
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            r_garside Level 1
            Does it show the actual numbers in the chart itself? I am very pleased with the cfchartseries but need to show actual numbers on the chart.
            Thanks for your help
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              you will have to modify the xml stylesheet that controls the chart

              the default stylesheet used is located in
              {cf_install_dir}\charting\styles\default.xml (or default_pie.xml for pie

              best thing to do is to copy the file into the same folder that the page
              generating your cfchart is in.

              then open up this file and edit the line
              <dataLabels foreground="black"/>
              and change it to something like
              <dataLabels foreground="black" font="Arial-16-bold" placement="Inside"

              the placement="Inside" makes the values displayed inside the graph (i.e.
              inside the bars in the bar chart)

              [you can also modify other setting in that file. the other one i find
              useful to change is isHideOverlapped attribute of <labelStyle> in
              <xAxis> and <yAxis> to "flase": i.e. <labelStyle
              isHideOverlapped="false" orientation="Horizontal"/> - this prevents your
              chart from hiding overlapping item/value labels.]

              then all you need to do is add
              style="name_of_your_modified_xml_file.xml" to your <cfchart> tag. i.e.
              if you saved the modified default.xml file as mychartstyles.xml, add
              style="mychartstyles.xml" to your <cfchart> tag.


              Azadi Saryev