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    Introduction to Adobe AIR

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      This meeting will be taking place in Honolulu at 12:00 pm (Hawaiian time) on June 20th

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      Come celbrate the first day of summer with us!

      The first meeting of "the Adobe AIR Developers Group" will serve as an introduction to this new focus of this group, as well as Introduction to Adobe AIR. Come join us either here in Hawaii, or on-line for our first meeting. We will be talking about the new focus of the group, what type of meetings that we will be having. Also, we will start from the beginging with an meeting on Introduction to Adobe AIR.

      We will discuss:

      •  What is Adobe Air

      • Architecture of an Air application

      • OS level functionalities

      • Installation

      • Configuration

      • Project creation

      • Running your application

      • Deploying Air application

      Also there will be a talk on the group, and the new topics that we will focus on.

      Please RSVP on our Meetup Page - https://www.meetup.com/airdevs/events/240521921/