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    Basic HTML5 canvas questions (loading .pngs into clips, etc.)


      Had a nice digital signage solution for our company built using flash which displayed dynamic content.  Now we're looking to run it on an Amazon fire stick which is a convenient solution, but which, of course, doesn't support flash.


      I have a few questions for those who are well-versed in animate cc...


      1.) can you dynamically load external images into clips (i.e. - a .png file)?

      2.) can you use the animate IDE to 'layer' transparent, dynamically loaded .pngs on top of a background image (placed into the IDE)?


      3.) does layering dynamically loaded .pngs on top of other elements in an animate file require the use of multiple 'canvas' html elements?


      4.) Where do I find decent resources for someone who is very familiar with flash concepts and actionscript, and building data-driven flash content who wants to find out how to build dynamic, data-driven html5 canvas content?  Does it even exist or is the canvas 'object' still in it's infancy and can't support everything yet?


      Thanks (and yes, i did quite a bit of searching prior to posting this)!