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    Flash disabled on Windows 10?


      I have gone through all the step by steps and ensured that adobe flash is enabled (it was before I even checked) but whenever I go to use it I have an error code saying it's disabled. I've turned pc on and off again etc but seem to have hit a wall. Help!

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          If you have Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703), Microsoft implements Flash click-to-play, by default, on a per-site basis.  Microsoft does NOT provide the ability to enable Flash Player on all sites.  More information is available at https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2016/12/14/edge-flash-click-run.  To find out if the version installed, go to Settings > System > About.  If it has Version 1703, try the following:

          1. Look in the address field for the puzzle piece:
          2. If the puzzle piece is visible, click on it to display the ‘Adobe Flash content was blocked’ message with the option to ‘Allow once’ or ‘Always allow’:
          3. Select either ‘Allow once’ or ‘Always allow’. Recall that this is on a per-site basis. Allowing it for this site will not allow it for any other site
          4. If the puzzle piece is not visible on the page, look for a ‘Download Flash’ or ‘Enable Flash’ link/button, or similar text, link, or button on the page.  Clicking on the text, link, or button will display the ‘Adobe Flash content was blocked’ window, from step 2.
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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            The latest Windows 10 "Creators Update" introduces click-to-play behavior for Flash conotent. 


            You can find a workaround here: Adobe Flash Player issues with Windows 10 (Microsoft Edge)


            If that doesn't work, here's my generic advice for IE and Edge:


            First, confirm that ActiveX Filtering is configured to allow Flash content:



            Internet Explorer 11 and Edge introduce a number of changes both to how the browser identifies itself to remote web servers, and to how it processes JavaScript intended to target behaviors specific to Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, this means that content on some sites will be broken until the content provider changes their site to conform to the new development approach required by modern versions of IE.


            You can try to work around these issues by using Compatibility View:



            If that is too inconvenient, using Google Chrome may be a preferable alternative.