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    [JS] "Image Color Settings ..." of specific images


      Hello Adobe Scripting Community,


      I need to clean up InDesign documents via Script to make sure all ICC profiles of all images linked in the document are correct. The general color management settings are not enough here, because if anyone changes the specific ICC profile of any image we might get different results when the document is printed.


      Right now I assume that there is now API point to change the "image color setting" of an image or frame. Or did I just overlook the function?


      Does anyone know if there is a workaround for this "missing API"?


      Another approach was GUI scripting: I actually tried to script it via AppleScript including System Events and GUI scripting... with 99% success. The thing is that Indesign does all the GUI events I tell it to do, but in the end, wenn the script clicks OK to change the color profile in the "image color settings ..." dialog, the profile is not actually changed but stays on the last named value.