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    Overset Text and Benchmarks


      I have a couple of questions about dealing with variable data in InDesign.


      1.) Is there a way of finding and dealing with overset text before creating a merged document? I'm actually waiting on the program now to finish finding overset text so I can correct those pages and get things ready to print. It's 6 addresses out of 4,500 that I need to fix so I don't want to change the whole document to deal with those 6. They're people with really long names and I want to be able to control where the line break is.


      2.) Does anyone have any benchmarks on the time it takes XMPIE to do a data merge vs InDesign. I've noticed that InDesign starts to bog down a lot no matter what system you're on around 1,500-2,000 records. I've done some testing with XMPIE and it seems better, but I don't have any hard numbers.