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    Unable to print A3 and A3+ from Lightroom print module and Photoshop on a Canon Pixma Pro 10s (Mac OS)

    Laurent Besson

      When printing form Lightroom (print module) or from Photoshop, I am unable to print anything different from A4 on my Pixma  Pro 10s.

      I set the page size to A3 but when printing I get only a part of the image printed (roughly corresponding to an A4, see result image).


      I've been in contact with Canon support which told me that the problem should come from Adobe as printing in A3 and A3+ works well in the following tools :

      - Printing from Canon Print Studio Pro ;

      - Printing from Canon DPP ;

      - Printing through the Driver in Apple's Aperçu.



      Versions :

      Mac OS-X : 10.12.4

      Lightroom : 2015.9 (had the same with 2015.8)

      Canon Driver :



      Original Image :


      Result print :

      resultat imprimmé.JPG