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    Cannot get buttons to work for interactive ePub

    kirbiee52339973 Level 1


      I am using the latest version of InDesign CC 2017. I am attempting to create an interactive ePub. I have followed instructions on two different tutorials, to no avail. What I am trying to do is have a button enable a box of text to appear. In the first attempt I viewed, the instructor had you make the text box a button and use the view/hide button action (or something like that wording-wise). Not only did the action not work, but the different states of my button didn't work in preview mode. All I did was change their color for hover and click. I thought maybe it was my preview mode so I exported the file as a fixed-layout interactive ePub file and viewed it in Digital Editor. While all of my animations worked, the button still did not work.


      Today, I watched a second tutorial where the instructor made the text a multistate object, so I tried that. I didn't even mess with hover or click states for the button. Still nothing. In either attempt, I get the hand when I hover over the button in preview mode, but nothing happens when I click it.


      To create a button, all I am doing is creating an ellipse, making it a color, clicking it and changing it to a button in the buttons and forms panel. The text is made by creating a text box and entering text. Nothing fancy. On my last attempts, I was even just filling it with placeholder text so it wasn't formatted in any special way, etc. I'm so frustrated because I'm following the instructions to the letter. They say go do this and I pause the video and go do it. I know I must be missing something really dumb but I'm at a loss as to what it could be.


      Final details - Windows 10 machine, all Adobe products are up to date. All help appreciated!