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    No longer trustworthy

    ericc19576445 Level 1

      Everytime I update my Illustrator files (the same way I did in beta 5) CH now errors out completely.


      "Internal error code: (1033274218:1293+1)attempt to index a nil value"


      I have found that opening and closing multiple times will bring the project back, but all data created in CH will be erased. I have now fixed my complicated puppet 3 times and took hours of work to redo each time. I have been working on this puppet for months so I'm really not happy about this.


      I'm a super fan of CH and have made some very impressively complex characters, but all the issues have forced me to consider giving up. I can't trust it at this point in its current state. I'm beyond frustrated with all the issues.


      It also seems like the only software that my pc can't handle. Every process takes forever (sometimes 15 mins) and my pc should be very capable.

      i7 quadcore 3.5ghz, 16 gb ram


      Please understand that I'm hoping to continue working with CH, but CH doesn't seem to want to work for me.


      Please help.

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          DanTull Adobe Employee

          Yikes. I translated the error code and can see this is coming out of the code for project object serialization, but would really like to get a sample project to diagnose it further. I can also try to fix/recover the data from the project. Even a project that is no longer throwing the error but was wiped out as you describe could be useful to try to understand what might be happening here.


          In any case, I'll do whatever I can to help get you back to good.


          Thanks for the report!


          Dan Tull

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            ericc19576445 Level 1

            Hi Dan,

            Thank you for your quick reply.

            Follow thsee steps and you'll be able to repeat the error on your end.


            1. Open a puppet in beta 6

            2. Make the head shareable

            3. Drag shareable back into puppet

            4. Close CH

            5. Open illustrator and make any kind of change

            6. Save illustrator puppet.

            7. Reopen CH


            It seems to me that CH is struggling with having an object in the puppet that is not in the illustrator hierarchy when resyncing.


            I can send you my puppet if you like. Just let me know how you want me to send it.

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              CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

              If anyone is running into this error, please contact me or any staff member directly for a fix.

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                Lupillo Arellano Level 1

                Hello, was wondering what is the solution to this problem?


                I too created a puppet that had this same "internal error code". I created a right walking-puppet, and then made the body of the right-walking puppet sharable, then I used that sharable puppet to make a left-walking puppet. It was working great, but then I changed a few files/renamed a few things on the original illustrator file and CA gave me that error ( internal error code 1033274218:1293+1 attempt to index a nil value), and I lost most of the rigging with that error.


                Creating sharable puppets is an amazing, time-saving option for CA, but if I cannot change things in the original illustrator file without loosing all the rigging then it defeats the purpose... please share the solution if you have one. thank you!

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                  DanTull Adobe Employee

                  Sorry for the delay in responding. This is issue is fixed in internal builds so it should also be fixed in our next release.

                  I did also create a script that can be used to inoculate a Beta 6 build against the bug, but it has to be re-run with each launch of the app (the script applies an in memory patch to the offending code, but does not persist across relaunches).


                  If that script is of interest, I can contact you privately with details.



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                    Lupillo Arellano Level 1

                    Thank you Dan, but I think I can wait for the next release... speaking of, any timeline of the it may come out?

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                      DanTull Adobe Employee

                      I don't think I'm probably supposed to say anything about actual release dates, but I'll just make the observation that there is a certain rhythm that they tend to follow...



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                        This has been happening to me for the last week and I've lost so much progress and time on my mission critical project.... I've just PMed you and Dave... please please help!

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                          oksamurai Employee Moderator

                          Thanks - will follow up in DM.