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    Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server.

      Having trouble when updating a library item. Update the library item, save, choose Update Site....says it needs to Check out files, click "Yes to All" (I have maybe 70 files that use this item). Checks out first file then a dialog pops up:

      Title of Dialog box: Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
      "Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server.
      Since checking out a file requires interaction with a server as well, Dreamweaver cannot currently perform this task.
      Please try it again when the current server task is complete."

      click OK and DW proceeds to try and update pages *without* checking them out. This fails because they are read-only. Every time I repeat the procedure I get one more file checked out. I don't have any other DW tasks going on...(ie, nothing interacting with a server that I know of). I am using passive ftp if that matters...

      Does anyone know what's happening or a work around?