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    Why cant i save to vector in draw nativley?


      I mean seriously?! For those of us that cant afford the insane CC monthly subscription, can we not at least have an in app purchase of tools that would enable us to work from iPad without the need for a CC account or indeed a PC! You are alienating a massive audience and potential cash cow in app!


      I loved ideas and was a beta tester but Draw has taken away a few of the great things in ideas like easy fill without long press and the simple gallery. Why would you take away any feature unless it was archaic or broken?!


      I would happily pay for:

      Save to multiple formats (VECTOR!!! svg, pdf, eps)

      Extended tools - fill, dropper, more brushes, brush editor

      More layers (Although this should be default imo)

      Selection and move (See concepts)


      I mean, for £7.99 you can get all this plus more in concepts app (perspective grids, watercolour, amazing colour wheel) which begs the question why even use Draw? but as a brand loyal type of bod I would like to see this in Draw!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Damian.


          Thanks for taking the time to post. I know that a lot of people who liked Ideas don't like Draw as much but a few things I wanted to make sure you knew:


          * In the iOS version of Draw it's possible to save work as a PSD or PDF (without a Creative Cloud subscription).

          * It sounds like you the long-press to fill isn't great for you (and I'll share those comments with the product team) but there is an eyedropper (color selector) in Draw (just press-hold-and-drag the Color circle, from the Color menu, onto the canvas to choose a color).

          * Regarding watercolor brushes, more brushes, and a brush editor, I don't know that there is a plan for incorporating these into Draw but again I'll share your comments with the product team. Have you tried Sketch? It's not a vector app but it has a pretty extensive set of brushes and the ability to import Photshop's .tpl and .abr brushes into it.

          * The number of layers allowed is based on the device's ability to allocate memory. I don't know which iPad you're using but if it's an older one that could definitely limit the number of layers you're able to use.

          * Because so many people ask for it, select/copy/paste is a feature the team is discussing incorporating into the app. Unfortunately I don't have much more information about it than that.

          * There are also perspective grids in Draw (in an open drawing tap the Gear icon in the upper nav then grids); it's also possible to create a perspective grid from a photograph (after placing a photo in an Image Layer, tap it to open the Layers menu, from that menu choose Transform, then Create Grid)


          I don't know whether these features aren't what you're looking for or whether they just don't function as well as you'd like them to, but I wanted to make sure you knew they were in the app.


          One quick question: You did mention a "simple gallery" in Ideas; what were you referring to? I just want to share that comment with the team too but I want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly.


          Again, thanks for taking the time to post in such detail.



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            DamianMatthewClarkson Level 1

            Hi Sue,


            Thanks for taking time to answer many of my questions! Good to know somebody is listening!


            I hadnt seen the perspective grids! thanks for pointing that out, they are great.


            Select and move would be brilliant as I use it in procreate a lot. I have tried sketch and yes the brushes are much more extensive in there but I mostly need vector art. Adjusting the amount of smoothing would help.


            I am using an iPad mini 2 and did not realise number of layers was dependant on device so thats no biggy. (although other apps can handle more )


            Oh and having some basic initial canvas options would help, like being able to set default background colour! I have to fill the off white with white on most of my projects which is a pain as in order to do that I have to create a square and then fill it white, is there an easier way to do this?


            My main gripe was with the export options really. They seem limited and push you towards opening in CC. I need to be able to save or open my vectors in other apps that I currently use. I would love illustrator CC but I cant afford the CC sub so I use inkscape on desktop. I will try the pdf option again


            thanks again!

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Damian.


              Happy to help.


              You didn't say (and I'm just working on my report to the product team and want to include it): Does Send to CC Files as PSD/PDF work for you? You should be able to open at least a PDF in another app.


              Let me know.

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                DamianMatthewClarkson Level 1

                Hi Sue,


                No I cant see how I can open the files in another app on my ipad? send to CC files just says "sent" then I have no idea where it is?


                I have been looking back at the forums on this and I am amazed how many people have expressed their "disapproval" at the export options! and nothing has been changed. I am really inclined to agree with them. I too LOVED ideas app and it is plainly obvious we are being pushed to a CC subscription which many of us simply cant afford. But say 10 dollars for an app we could and would pay!


                1 other piece of feedback for dev team... make the brush selection widget and size/opacity/color widgets into 2 separate widgets above each other, selecting a brush and then selecting it again to get to size etc and then having to select it again twice to select another brush is bad UX, there is plenty of screen estate to have both widgets together. (see procreate, size, colour picker and opacity always available)


                So in summary, my thoughts...


                Export Options is a deal breaker, we want to open vectors in other apps or simpy get the vectors out to send to manufacturers etc

                Select/move, copy/paste

                Canvas setup options (colour, transparent etc)

                brush selector, size/colour/opacity in 2 separate widgets

                1 other thing - rotate canvas!


                Devs and business must realise that other apps are doing all this and people will eventually lose brand loyalty, people are not stupid and can see the underlying business model. Especially when you consider Affinity Designer is coming soon and if its anything like Affinity photo on ipad for $20 well you get the picture!



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                  DamianMatthewClarkson Level 1

                  Ok, so I needed Creative Cloud app installing and now I can see the PDF in there. Still convoluted that I have to send to CC and then install another app (CC) and then save on device from there! why cant I just save on device directly? I should be able to save wherever I want - the device, dropbox, gdrive, CC, icloud etc.


                  Should be a quick smooth process, but its turned into a click fest.


                  Export > Save PDF to device


                  Export > Save to CC as PDF > install CC > open CC > sign in > find project > find file > options > save to device


                  Which do you think is the better experience?


                  Sorry to sound annoyed but i am a UI/UX designer and its frustrating me

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                    Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                    I totally understand. I hear it frequently enough. And I think the plan is to include the ability to export to different file storage services... I just don't know when that capability will make it into the app. At least you can get the PDF now. It's still another step, but you can also get whatever's saved in that folder here: Adobe Creative Cloud


                    Thanks for taking the time to let me know all of this. I'll pass your words along.



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