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    Editing PDF Causes Crash

    mmurro Level 1

      We are running Adobe Acrobat X Standard on a Windows 10 Enterprise computer. And we have never had this issue until recently. When trying to edit some PDFs some sections of the document will not be editable. This is strange because we will be able to edit some parts with no issues then other parts will not be able to edit. When trying to edit we will get a message that states, "Warning! Since the original font is not available, a substitute font for editing is used. Any changes to the text of the original font will place a new font dependency upon the document." Then Adobe will crash and we have to start all over again.


      I have tried running all the latest Adobe updates, Window updates, even driver updates. Tried running a repair of Adobe, and even did a fresh uninstall/reinstall and still getting the same issue.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.