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    AEM 6.2 CFP4: Submit has ns2 on tags

    joell91868939 Level 1

      We installed AEM Forms 6.2 CFP4.

      Our submit has ns2 on the xml. Any idea why? Seems to be something to do with panels.


      XSD has no mention of "ns2".



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <data xmlns:xfa="http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-data/1.0/">

















      Appears to be with JDK jdk1.8.0_92 (my machine). Doesn't occur with jdk1.8.0_74 (another machine).

      But we doubt the JDK is related.


      Also doesn't seem to occur on my machine when I don't do a prefill.