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    LR 6.10.1 extremely slow on fast computer (windows 10)


      I just recently purchased a lenovo yoga 910 with windows 10 on it (not the new creators version) and it is *incredibly* slow, and this computer has better specs than my windows surface pro that had no problem with it. 16GB ram, solid state half terrabyte drive, i7 processor, 7500U 2.7GHz. There's 200 GB free on my computer, so it can't be a drive space issue.


      Yet when I am in library mode, just keying through images, it takes anywhere from 2 to 15 seconds to load the next image! I have standard previews already generated, (not 1:1), yet the spinny wheel comes up every other image when I am just trying to scroll through. On my windows surface pro and my old Sony VAIO, navigating through my images with the arrow key was so fast that it could look like an animation if you just held the arrow key down.


      I went through all of the optimizing suggestions, took the folder out of my anti-virus software (AVG), unchecked the graphics processor even though this is not in develop mode, optimized the catalog, increased the raw file cache to 20GB from 1, still extremely slow. No change.