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    Lightroom Mobile trial expired


      My desktop Lightroom will not synchronize with Lightroom Mobile & I cannot log into Lightroom Mobile on my iPad Pro. No matter how much I try that, it keeps telling me: "trial expired".

      I have a CC Student & Teacher Edition membership (not through Kivuto!!!) so it should work.

      I have tried many things: contact customer support; the lady directed me to this forum. I reinstalled CC, reinstalled Lightroom, logged out and in several times anywhere I could, deleted a certain file out of my library, checked my Adobe account, changed password, etc... But I still can't use Lightroom Mobile: it keeps telling me: trial expired...

      This is what I bought my iPad Pro for... HELP!!!

      Btw, I also tried the limited access repair tool. I'm in a loop...

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          michaelt40685507 Level 1

          I literally have the exact same problem. I also bought the new iPad just for this. I have called, chatted, and even email support and they keep referring me here where there are no answers.

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            polrijnders Level 1

            Hey Michael,

            Seems pretty useless to wait for Adobe's response. Not good at all.

            I called the seller who sold me the CC education membership. They told me I should have access to all the services, including Lightroom Mobile. They contacted Adobe and 4 days later I received their (Adobe's) mail, telling me that my membership had been activated (or something like that). Now it all works. So it really is - for some reason - an unjust limitation in the features of your Adobe CC membership...

            Good luck!