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    Topics Failing to Generate in PrintedDocumentation

      I am using RH 7 HTML and when I generate my Printed Documentation an entire chapter is missing. I have checked the build tags and they appear to be the same as the other chapters, which are appearing.

      What am I missing?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          First please don't cross post. Anyone searching later will find the same question and think it was unanswered. Please go to the other thread and post a link to this question.

          Second both posts are in the wrong category. This question is really for the Printed Documentation category but leave it now.

          Is the chapter actually in the print layout. Often people see the TOC layout and assume it is a mirror of the real TOC. When you first create the printed output, it is. However any subsequent changes to the TOC are not automatically made, you have to do that manually.

          Try that and also take a look at the Printed Documentation article on my site.