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    Accessing a Document Cloud document from a different device


      This is the problem I am having.  I download a document to the Document Cloud in the morning using a device such as the ipad.  When I save the document to the document cloud, I am not given a choice on what to call the document.  Adobe comes up with its own name for the document, usually some random number.


      Later in the day, I want to see the same document on a different device, usually my android phone.  On my phone, I have downloaded and signed in to the adobe App.  Within the App, I go to Document Cloud.  Documents in Document Cloud are organized by the name of the document.  I have no way to view documents by the date, only by the name of the document.  As I mentioned, the name is typically some random adobe number.  Within the Document Cloud on the app, I have no idea where the document I saved to the cloud earlier in the day is.  When I called phone support, they said they do not support mobile devices.  I pay every month for a Pro DC membership, which should cover phone support. 


      In addition, your webpage advertises Pro DC as having the following feature: 

      Keep business moving on any device.

      You cannot keep business going on any device without a proper method of accessing those documents.  Please explain how I can find recently loaded documents given the issues I have explained above.