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    After Effects Clone Stamp Tool


      Having an issue with the clone stamp.


      I've got the layer I want to work with. I've made sure I am in the layer, not the composition. I've selected the clone tool. I hold down the Option key and click where I want to clone from. I see the crosshairs come up. After clicking I let go of the option key. I click where I want to clone to and drag my curser. I see the crosshairs moving where I previously clicked, but nothing is copying over to where I am dragging my curser around. My brush opacity and flow are at 100%. I go down to my timeline. I can see that a "Clone 1" was made in the effects on my current layer. I check my stroke options again there. Opacity and flow are at 100%. I can see the path my stroke has just taken. But nothing has coped over. I am left with my original image.


      Any ideas as to what setting I am missing? I've searched through many tutorials and forums and have not found an answer that has worked yet.