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    Recent Program Update

    Aequitas Equitas

      Since the last update ( 2017.0.3.20) Muse has become extremely unstable and crashes randomly and often — does adobe test its products before release — are we as users expected to accept mediocrity — are we expects as users to accept and pay for programs that do not work — how can one of the most respected brands and largest software companies in the world release an update that makes the problems worse — does adobe test their products before they release


      FIX IT NOW


      How can I revert back to the release before the last up-date

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Click on CC-Icon: Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-17 um 17.37.06.png


          Move to here:

          Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-17 um 17.38.52.png

          and install this version.


          Be aware, that you have to use the .muse from previous version to work with it.

          If you did overwrite your former version completely and not (as recommended) as a new file, then you would have to completely start from scratch.


          It would be very helpful to hear from ankushr40215001 and Preran what they know/think about this.


          For me and for many users it would very good to know what causes the most issues right now.

          For example on my test site: binder201701.businesscatalyst.com I have absolutely no error.

          everything works pretty well.

          Same with Bernhard Binder .

          I do not use any 3rd party widget at all. But as of this reading I did not upload to the final ftp, what I will do in the following week.

          It would be very good to know, if the most issues come because of 3rdparty widgets/templates/whatsoever.


          Very much I realize, that 3rdparty widgets cause issues, many user mismanagement causes issues, really not very often (in my experience) i see bugs coming up.


          I had kind of discussion about the overall as well with Günter Heißenbüttel in former times and got reminded as well, that Muse is very young (when will it be grown up? ).


          In this forum of course, we only hear and read from unfortunate examples.

          How about the well doing experiences?


          Best Regards,


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            Aequitas Equitas Level 1

            I need to revert back to the previous version so at least I can work — I did the update through CC updater — so, whatever it does automatically is not my doing, to say it is is 100% bogus  — If Adobe recommends a different way to up-date then it is upon them not to automatically use a method that is wrong/that will not work — it is upon adobe to let its users know and not blame the unaware end user — the situation is critical — I have deadlines — Maybe I smell a class action lawsuit

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              fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

              But still it is always highly recommended to always have a backup of everything, and so for your .muse files.

              If you, how it is recommended to all computer stuff, did backup your system (time machine or similar for PC) it should be no problem, except the timeline you are running, to go back to your previous system, MUSE included.

              I can, however, understand how you feel.


              Best Regards,


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                Aequitas Equitas Level 1

                Thanks yes I need to be more vigilant with my backups ‹ but the method

                recommended is neither intuitive nor to be expected ‹ why have the

                auto-up-date feature when it does not work properly ‹ why not have the

                update script do the job properly ‹ this is not an issue that can be

                reasonably be pushed back upon the user ‹ imagine going to the petrol

                station filling you tank and then finding out the the petrol station had

                water in their supply and then being told, hey it is your fault, you should

                not have had water mixed in with your petrol or you should have made sure

                that the petrol was not infused with water before filling up



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                  Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                  1. There is no "auto update feature" in the CC Desktop App..

                  2. What makes you so sure, that Muse/Adobe is responsible for your error? Do you really think, there are no other possible reasons? If it were Muse/Adobe, why are you the only one, who is confronted with the errors, you are describing?

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                    Aequitas Equitas Level 1

                    Indeed there is in the Creative Cloud program/desktop notification portal

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                      fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                      But you have to click the INSTALL button. Nobody does this for you.

                      I`m not sure, if you not even have to download the updated CC.

                      That´s why we got mentioned by ankushr40215001 about the latest update.



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                        Aequitas Equitas Level 1

                        Yes I click the instal button and than the machine takes over ‹ a.k.a

                        automatic which caused all my problems ‹ what I did yesterday which solved

                        all the issues was: hit (under the gear) uninstall/save preferences/ then I

                        installed the update clean ‹ now Muse is working like a champ ‹ that is a

                        manual instal



                        Thanks for all your help without it I would be up the creek without a paddle



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                          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                          Thanks for your help, too. This might help in future to improve the update procedure.


                          Best Regards,