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    Import from iPhone is extremely slow or possibly hanging

    Stecki Level 1

      (using Lightroom CC 2015.10.1 on macOS Sierra 10.12.5 with iPhone 6S iOS 10.3.2 (all most recent versions))


      For years I have successfully imported photos from my iPhone to my Mac with LR. For a few weeks now, I am experiencing severe problems when trying to import. Even for very few photos the export takes an extremely long time up to the point, where I don’t know, if LR is hanging.


      Today for example I want to import 68 new photos from my iPhone. After more than 20 minutes, nothing happened; the progress indicator in the top left did not move one pixel. There is no way for me to see, if anything happens at all or if something is stalled. So I don’t know, if I "just" have to wait a few minutes longer oder some 20 minutes longer or an hour — for 68 photos, which (would) have transferred fine and fast up until a few weeks ago. I can even unplug the iPhone while import is running without Lightroom noticing it. And there are no files in the temp folder, which Lightroom creates on import.


      Copying the photos with the Apple image capture tool to the Mac takes about 11 seconds, so there does not seem to be a general communication problem with USB or the cable.


      Having copied the photos to disk and then importing them from the folder on the Mac also takes only a few seconds, so there must be a problem when Lightroom tries to communicate with the iPhone. (I tried keeping the iPhone "alive" (=unlocked) by using it, so the locking should not be a problem). If I wasn‘t relying on the workflow of importing via Lightroom (to only import new photos without deleting old ones) I would now always take the detour.